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A huge thank you for making and delivering some delicious cakes to my daughter at King's College Taunton. They looked and tasted wonderful and were gobbled up with amazing speed by Katy and her friends. They were 'home-made' cakes, which was perfect. Best Wishes

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Cake Ref: CU/7
Chocolate and Mini Mints
Cake Ref: CU/6
Pokemon - Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Piplup
Cake Ref: CU/5
Wedding Cupcakes 1
Cake Ref: CU/4
Wedding Cupcakes 2
Cake Ref: CU/3
Single Cupcake Box
Cake Ref: CU/2
Wedding Cupcakes 3
Cake Ref: CU/1
Butterfly Print Cupcakes
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Due to cake being classed as non essential I am CLOSED until normal life resumes!
Due to my work and family commitments, please book at least 4-8 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment
Printable edible toppers are available to order allowing you to create your own personalised cake. Price is 4.50 collected or 6.00 Posted Email me a photo or image you would like including any personalisation & colour scheme