Other Testimonials

Louise H:

Hi Helen, Thank you so much for doing the Star Wars cake for me it was absolutely brilliant I was so pleased with it. Jim also thought it was brilliant so much so that he couldn't bring himself to cut it until last night!!! Thanks again Helen and I will certainly be recommending you to lots of people!

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Cake Ref: LA/33
Pink and Purple Topsy Turvy Cake
Cake Ref: LA/32
Sex and the City Cake
Cake Ref: LA/31
Dog and Knitting Basket Cake
Dog and Knitting Basket Cake
Dog and Knitting Basket Cake
Cake Ref: LA/30
Orchid Retirement Cake
Cake Ref: LA/29
30th Birthday with Star Fountain
Cake Ref: LA/28
Corset Burlesque Cake
Cake Ref: LA/27
Elegant Black and White 2-tier Square Cake
Cake Ref: LA/26
Purple Feather Topsy Turvy Cake
Cake Ref: LA/25
Purple Present Cake
Cake Ref: LA/24
Betty Boop Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/23
Homepride Fred
Homepride Fred
Homepride Fred
Cake Ref: LA/22
Handbag and Shoes Cake
Cake Ref: LA/21
Me to You 50th Cake
Cake Ref: LA/20
Luxury Chocolate Cake with a Sugar Flower Spray of Orchids and Ivy
Cake Ref: LA/19
Present Cake
Cake Ref: LA/18
Snow Queen Cake
Cake Ref: LA/17
Birthday Cake - For a Mum known as 'Mouse', with Fresh Cream and Strawberry Filling
Cake Ref: LA/16
21st Birthday - Lemon and Peach Sugar Flower Spray with Daffodils and Roses
Cake Ref: LA/15
Birthday Cake - 21st Pink Floral Spray
Cake Ref: LA/14
Birthday Cake - 50th birthday
Cake Ref: LA/13
Purple and Jade Latice
Purple and Jade Latice
Purple and Jade Latice with Sugar Flowers 80th Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: LA/12
Birthday Cake - 70th Birthday Lilac and Lemon Lilly
Cake Ref: LA/11
Birthday Cake - 90th birthday
Cake Ref: LA/10
Birthday Cake - 90th birthday Lilac Roses
Cake Ref: LA/9
Lilac and Silver Themed Sugar Flowers
Cake Ref: LA/8
Chocolate Basket Weave Cake
Cake Ref: LA/7
Roses and Forget-Me-Not Sugar Flower Spray
Cake Ref: LA/6
100th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/5
90th Birthday Cake with Licac Themed Sugar Flowers
Cake Ref: LA/4
Birthday Cake - Chocolate Roses
Cake Ref: LA/3
Butterfly and Sweet Peas for a 50th Birthday
Cake Ref: LA/2
Birthday Cake - Lilac and Lemon
Cake Ref: LA/1
Pink Heart Cake for a Mum
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