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Helen made this cake for my birthday and as a thank you for helping with her web site. I must say it was a total surprise and I could not believe my eyes when she opened the box. Apparently she had taken a picture of my laptop with the intention of making this cake. It is still on display at home and my wife Sheilah and I are still debating as to whether to eat it or not. If it tastes as good as it looks it will be brilliant!! - Thanks once again Helen

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Cake Ref: AN/39
Rose and Freesias Spray for Ruby Anniversary
Cake Ref: AN/38
Golden Rose with Lace Effect
Cake Ref: AN/37
Golden Wedding with Butterfly Theme
Cake Ref: AN/36
Autumnal Anniversary Celebrations
Cake Ref: AN/35
Golden Wedding Anniversary with Roses and Fresias
Cake Ref: AN/34
Silver Wedding Anniversary Cake with Roses and Cosmos
Cake Ref: AN/33
Red Rose and Freesia 40th Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/32
40th Wedding Anniversary Topsy Turvy Cake
Cake Ref: AN/31
2-tier Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake with Lemon Roses.
Cake Ref: AN/30
40th Anniversary Cake with Ruby Flowers
Cake Ref: AN/29
Hair Salons 10th Business Anniversary
Cake Ref: AN/28
Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/27
Diamond 60th Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/26
Ruby 40th Aniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/25
Spring Flowers and Ruby Bells Anniversary Cake.
Cake Ref: AN/24
Tiger and Robin Cake! An anniversary gift from husband to wife.
Cake Ref: AN/23
50th Wedding Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/22
60 years Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/21
Horse Shoe Golden Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/20
Diamond Hearts Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/19
Royal iced Diamond anniversary cake
Cake Ref: AN/18
Ruby Anniversary Garden Lovers
Cake Ref: AN/17
Traditional golden anniversary cake
Cake Ref: AN/16
Edible image ruby wedding
Cake Ref: AN/15
Golden Anniversary Square Cake with Sugar Flower Roses
Cake Ref: AN/14
Golden Anniversary Rose Round Cake
Cake Ref: AN/13
Ruby Rose Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/12
70th Platinum Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/11
Ruby Topsy Turvy Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/10
Silver Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/9
25th Anniversary with a Peach and Turquoise Theme
Cake Ref: AN/8
Lilac themed 25th Anniversary Cake. With Lillies, Freesias and Ivory
Cake Ref: AN/7
Ruby Wedding - 40th Anniversary Cake with Decorative Bells.
Cake Ref: AN/6
40th Ruby Anniversary with a matching Sugarflower spray.
Cake Ref: AN/5
Round Ruby Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/4
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: AN/3
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary
Cake Ref: AN/2
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake with Sugarcraft Roses.
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Due to personal circumstances I am taking a break from cake orders and closing my diary for the rest of 2023 and beginning of 2024. I will of course update you when I start taking orders again. Thank you for your continued support throughout 2023. Regards Helen