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Sally-Anne B:

Cannot recommend Helen's amazing cakes highly enough, absolute perfection!

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Cake Ref: ME/85
Special 80th cake for my DAD
Cake Ref: ME/84
60th Photo-Style Cake
Cake Ref: ME/83
30th Birthday Dartboard Cake
Cake Ref: ME/82
Audrey Hepburn Film Style Cake
Cake Ref: ME/81
Casino Slots Cake
Cake Ref: ME/80
Charles Dickens Books Collection
Cake Ref: ME/79
60th Westham Football Cake
Cake Ref: ME/78
Fishing with Bike
Cake Ref: ME/77
JD Barrel Cake
Cake Ref: ME/76
Collaboration of Books celebrating Retirement, Birthday and Anniversary
Cake Ref: ME/75
For a Bristol City Fan who loves Thatchers Cider
Cake Ref: ME/74
Fishing Themed Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/73
Pacman 30th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/72
American Hereo's 18th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/71
Grenadier Guard 2-tier Cake
Cake Ref: ME/70
60th Birthday Golf Theme
Cake Ref: ME/69
Cake Ref: ME/68
Ride-on Lawnmower Cake
Cake Ref: ME/67
Men's - 80th cricket Themed Cake
Cake Ref: ME/66
Geometric Birthday Cake for Dad
Cake Ref: ME/65
Bespoke 90th Cake with Fish and Cockatoo
Cake Ref: ME/64
Blue Rose and Gold Drip Cake
Cake Ref: ME/63
Clacker Board Film Cake
Cake Ref: ME/62
Fresh Fruit Naked Cake
Cake Ref: ME/61
Jack Daniels Barrel Cake
Cake Ref: ME/60
Pheasant Hunting Cake
Cake Ref: ME/59
Dart Board Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/58
Helen and Kev's joint 40th Birthday Cake!
Cake Ref: ME/57
Grandads Garden Cake
Cake Ref: ME/56
Chocolate Lovers 2-tier Cake
Cake Ref: ME/55
Royal Iced, Royal Blue 85th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/54
Black and White Present Cake
Cake Ref: ME/53
40th 80s Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/52
Spitfire Cake
Cake Ref: ME/51
Countryside Car
Cake Ref: ME/50
Shaped 70th Manchester City Football Club Cake
Cake Ref: ME/49
Washing Machine Cake
Cake Ref: ME/48
Farmers Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/47
Lewis Hamilton - F1 Helmet
Cake Ref: ME/46
Dancing Cake
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