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A big "THANK YOU " for managing to encapsulate everything that I requested for the special cake for Christine's 60th birthday. To say that there were a few "WOW's" would be an understatement. I will be back when another occasion requires your service. You certainly did me proud. Many thanks & kind regards.

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Cake Ref: WE/65
Single-Tier Navy, Gold and Burgundy Colour Scheme
Cake Ref: WE/64
3-tier Wedding Cake with Purple Flowers
Cake Ref: WE/63
Stencilled Navy and Light Blue Wedding Cupcakes
Cake Ref: WE/62
2-tier Rustic Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/61
Champagne Pearl and Blush Rose 2-tier
Cake Ref: WE/60
Ivory and White Quilted and Floral Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/59
Peach Rose and Sweet Pea Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/58
Silver Themed Rose Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/57
Buttercream Rustic Cake with Fresh Flowers
Cake Ref: WE/56
Ivory and Red Heart Theme Wedding Cake and Matching Cupcakes
Cake Ref: WE/55
Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/54
Wedding Cake with Cupcakes
Cake Ref: WE/52
Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/51
Nautical Navy and Gold Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/50
Pink and Grey Marble Wedding Cake with Peonys
Cake Ref: WE/49
2-tier Ivory Rose Wedding Cake with separate Gluten-free Cake
Cake Ref: WE/48
4-tier Naked Wedding Cake with Fresh Fruit and Flowers
Cake Ref: WE/47
Gingerbread Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/46
Travel/Map Themed Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/45
Coral Flower 4-tier Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/44
Ivory Rose 3-tier Petal
Cake Ref: WE/43
Mint and Ivory Swag Wedding Cake, with Roses and Daisys
Cake Ref: WE/42
Single-tier Wedding Cake with Lilac Sugar Flowers
Cake Ref: WE/41
Pleated Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/40
Ivory and Navy Blue Stencilled Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/39
Personalised Bride and Groom Topper
Cake Ref: WE/38
Pink Flower Lace and Pearl Drape Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/37
Wedding Cake with Grooms Cake
Cake Ref: WE/36
Ivory 3-tier Rose Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/35
Skull and Cobweb Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/34
Hand Painted 2-tier Orchid Cake
Cake Ref: WE/33
Silver and White 4-tier Wedding Cake with Rose Ruffle Base Tier, Lace and Pearls.
Cake Ref: WE/32
4-tier Caramel Lace Brush Embroidery Wedding cake
Cake Ref: WE/31
Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/30
Navy and Silver Diamonte and Damask Stenciled Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/29
Royal Blue and Ivory Stencilled Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/28
Lemon and Blue Butterfly Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: WE/27
Pink and Cream Wedding Cupcakes, Heart and Flowers
Cake Ref: WE/26
Elegant pearlescent ivory rose
Cake Ref: WE/25
Elegant Ivory & white lace wedding cake
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