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The cake was amazing, everyone was wowed, it tasted even better than it looked! Thank you so much for all your help, I will look forward to the next party just to get another cake - Karly

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Cake Ref: LA/116
Cake Ref: LA/115
Cricket Lover for an Author
Cake Ref: LA/114
Pink and Gold Fault Line Cake
Cake Ref: LA/113
Chocolate Heaven 18th Birthday
Cake Ref: LA/112
Chocolate Indulgence 40th Birthday
Cake Ref: LA/111
Netball vest cake
Cake Ref: LA/110
Blue Rose and Gold Drip Cake
Cake Ref: LA/109
Gardener with her Cat
Cake Ref: LA/108
Pink Rose and Lace Cake
Cake Ref: LA/107
40th Drip Cake
Cake Ref: LA/106
Congratulations on Achievement
Cake Ref: LA/105
Luscious Lemon Drip Cake
Cake Ref: LA/104
Fresh Fruit Naked Cake
Cake Ref: LA/103
Helen and Kev's joint 40th Birthday Cake!
Cake Ref: LA/102
100th Birthday Cake - Lavender, Roses and Peony
Cake Ref: LA/101
Graduation Cake
Cake Ref: LA/100
Elegant Lemon Cake
Cake Ref: LA/99
Chocolate Lovers 2-tier Cake
Cake Ref: LA/98
Reversible Cake for a lady who works at a Butchers and has her own Small Holding
Cake Ref: LA/97
Victoria Naked Cake with Seasonal Fruits
Cake Ref: LA/96
40th 80s Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/95
Poppy Design Cake
Cake Ref: LA/94
Autumnal-themed Cake with Owls and Sugar Flowers
Cake Ref: LA/93
Bespoke Alice in Wonderland Cake
Cake Ref: LA/92
Sewing Machine Cake
Cake Ref: LA/91
Skittles Cake
Cake Ref: LA/90
Me to you Mum
Cake Ref: LA/89
Mum 70th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/88
Naked Cake. Victoria Sponge with Fresh Fruits
Cake Ref: LA/87
Downton Abbey Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/86
Ladies 40th Butterfly Photo Cake
Cake Ref: LA/85
Lilac Rose and Butterfly Lace
Cake Ref: LA/84
Turkish Delight Cake
Cake Ref: LA/83
Shamrock Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/82
Lemon Rose Cake
Cake Ref: LA/81
Ladies 80th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/80
Farmyard Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/79
Greek Island 60th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/78
21st Birthday Makeup cake
Cake Ref: LA/77
Cupcake Trough Bouquet Birthday Cake
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Due to personal circumstances I am taking a break from cake orders
Due to personal circumstances I am taking a break from cake orders and closing my diary for the rest of 2023 and beginning of 2024. I will of course update you when I start taking orders again. Thank you for your continued support throughout 2023. Regards Helen