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A big "THANK YOU " for managing to encapsulate everything that I requested for the special cake for Christine's 60th birthday. To say that there were a few "WOW's" would be an understatement. I will be back when another occasion requires your service. You certainly did me proud. Many thanks & kind regards.

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Cake Ref: ME/42
Grenadier Guard Cake and Cupcakes
Cake Ref: ME/41
Pork Pie Cake
Cake Ref: ME/40
Rock-n-roll Retirement and Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/39
Scania Lorry Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/38
DJ Deck Cake
Cake Ref: ME/37
DJ Turntable Cake
Cake Ref: ME/36
PS4 Gaming Cake 21st Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/35
Cow and Flowers Cake
Cake Ref: ME/34
Strawberry and Chocolate Flake Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/33
Ramblers Walkers Cake
Cake Ref: ME/32
Photo Image 'Number Plate' 65th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/31
Fisherman cake
Cake Ref: ME/30
Caterham car cake
Cake Ref: ME/29
Ferrari 456 Italia cake
Cake Ref: ME/28
BBQ cake
Cake Ref: ME/27
Kawasaki Motorbike cake
Cake Ref: ME/26
Guitar t-shirt cake
Cake Ref: ME/25
Vintage Car 65th birthday cake
Cake Ref: ME/24
Caravan Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/23
Electricians 70th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/22
VW Camper 50th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/21
Chef 95th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/20
Sailing Cake
Cake Ref: ME/19
Golf Sporty Cake
Cake Ref: ME/18
Parcel Cake
Cake Ref: ME/17
Renault Clio Car Cake
Cake Ref: ME/16
Kylie Laptop Cake
Cake Ref: ME/15
VW Camper Van and Surfboard Cake
Cake Ref: ME/14
Laptop Birthday/Thankyou Cake
Cake Ref: ME/13
Chief Wiggum Simpsons Surprise Cake
Cake Ref: ME/12
Morris Minor caught Speeding Cake
Cake Ref: ME/11
70th birthday cake with 'The Weakest Link' theme
Cake Ref: ME/10
Star Wars Yoda Cake
Cake Ref: ME/9
Land Rover Discovery Cake
Cake Ref: ME/8
Birthday Cake - Designed on customers own garden pond
Cake Ref: ME/7
Beer Cake
Cake Ref: ME/6
30th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: ME/5
Vegetable Patch Retirement Cake
Cake Ref: ME/4
90th mens cake with stars
Cake Ref: ME/3
Spiral Birthday Cake
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