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Helen, thank you so much for the beautiful cake on the occasion of my In-laws Diamond Wedding. You did a splendid job at such short notice. Great communication throughout the process and I would most definitely use you for the next event. Very highly recommended! :-) xx

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Cake Ref: CU/43
Woody Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/42
Toy Story Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/41
Peppa Pig Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/40
Mrs Potato Head Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/39
Mr Potato Head Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/38
Jessie Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/37
Buzz Lightyear Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/36
Bullsey Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/35
Cream and Burgundy Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/32
Cream and Gold Stencil Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/31
Chocolate and Pink Flower Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/30
Purple and White Rose Cupcake Tower
Cake Ref: CU/29
Wedding Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/28
Sex and the City Cupcake Fountain
Cake Ref: CU/27
Hawaiian Cupcake Tower
Cake Ref: CU/25
Hawaiian Cupcake Tower (individual)
Cake Ref: CU/24
18th Cupcake - Luxury Butterfly Wrapper
Cake Ref: CU/23
Giant Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/22
George Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/21
Peppa Pig Cupcake
Cake Ref: CU/20
Giant Chocolate Cupcake with Butterflies
Cake Ref: CU/19
Rock Guitar Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/18
A Collection of Cupcakes
Cake Ref: CU/17
Lemon Daisy
Cake Ref: CU/16
Lemon Roses
Cake Ref: CU/15
Chocolate Sunflowers
Cake Ref: CU/14
Country Roses
Cake Ref: CU/13
Pink Hearts
Cake Ref: CU/12
Pink Butterflies
Cake Ref: CU/11
Blue Butterfies and Mini Flowers
Cake Ref: CU/10
Blue Daisy
Cake Ref: CU/9
Mint Chocolate Butterflies
Cake Ref: CU/8
Mint Polka Dot
Cake Ref: CU/7
Chocolate and Mini Mints
Cake Ref: CU/6
Pokemon - Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Piplup
Cake Ref: CU/5
Wedding Cupcakes 1
Cake Ref: CU/4
Wedding Cupcakes 2
Cake Ref: CU/3
Single Cupcake Box
Cake Ref: CU/2
Wedding Cupcakes 3
Cake Ref: CU/1
Butterfly Print Cupcakes
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Due to my work and family commitments, please book at least 4-8 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment
Printable edible toppers are available to order allowing you to create your own personalised cake. Price is 4.50 collected or 6.00 Posted Email me a photo or image you would like including any personalisation & colour scheme