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Thank you again for the cake. It was much admired and photographed - totally delicious in all its aspects!

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Cake Ref: LA/63
Lady Gardener's Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/62
Piped Tiger Cake
Cake Ref: LA/61
50 Shades of Grey - Personalised for a 30th Birthday
Cake Ref: LA/60
Hello Kitty 2-tier Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/59
Cow and Flowers Cake
Cake Ref: LA/58
Peacock Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/57
Round Pink and Lilac Roses and Freesias 60th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/56
Pink Lattice and Sugarflowers 90th Wedding Cake
Cake Ref: LA/55
Matching 30th and 60th Wedding and Cupcakes
Cake Ref: LA/54
Pink Roses and Freesias 70th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/53
Pink Roses and Fresias Sugar Flower Spray 90th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/52
Topsy-Daisy 21st Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/51
spring themed 80th birthday cake
Cake Ref: LA/50
Winter wonderland birthday cake
Cake Ref: LA/49
6 tier red & black stencilled cake
Cake Ref: LA/48
50th cake for twins
Cake Ref: LA/47
Sprinkles 3 tier cake
Cake Ref: LA/46
70th birthday wild flowers
Cake Ref: LA/45
Red hat cake
Cake Ref: LA/44
Piano cake
Cake Ref: LA/43
50th Burgundy & Gold swirl feather
Cake Ref: LA/42
Poppy 60th birthday cake
Cake Ref: LA/41
Daisy cow 80th birthday square
Cake Ref: LA/40
Daisy Cow 80th Birthday cake in Lemon
Cake Ref: LA/39
21st Shaped Pink Flowers Cake
Cake Ref: LA/38
Chocolate and Strawberry Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/37
Pink and Lace Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/36
Pink Square Frill Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/35
Adios and Good Luck
Cake Ref: LA/34
Me to You Surprise 60th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/33
Pink and Purple Topsy Turvy Cake
Cake Ref: LA/32
Sex and the City Cake
Cake Ref: LA/31
Dog and Knitting Basket Cake
Cake Ref: LA/30
Orchid Retirement Cake
Cake Ref: LA/29
30th Birthday with Star Fountain
Cake Ref: LA/28
Corset Burlesque Cake
Cake Ref: LA/27
Elegant Black and White 2-tier Square Cake
Cake Ref: LA/26
Purple Feather Topsy Turvy Cake
Cake Ref: LA/25
Purple Present Cake
Cake Ref: LA/24
Betty Boop Birthday Cake
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