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Helen. Thank you so much for Grace's birthday cake. I know it was a big ask to expect a high jumper in mid air over the bar but you managed it perfectly! Grace was thrilled with the cake and everyone who saw it was speechless. Not only did it look just the part, the cake tastes wonderful and is still beautifully soft and moist days later.

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Cake Ref: LA/20
Luxury Chocolate Cake with a Sugar Flower Spray of Orchids and Ivy
Cake Ref: LA/19
Present Cake
Cake Ref: LA/18
Snow Queen Cake
Cake Ref: LA/17
Birthday Cake - For a Mum known as 'Mouse', with Fresh Cream and Strawberry Filling
Cake Ref: LA/16
21st Birthday - Lemon and Peach Sugar Flower Spray with Daffodils and Roses
Cake Ref: LA/15
Birthday Cake - 21st Pink Floral Spray
Cake Ref: LA/14
Birthday Cake - 50th birthday
Cake Ref: LA/13
Purple and Jade Latice with Sugar Flowers 80th Anniversary Cake
Cake Ref: LA/12
Birthday Cake - 70th Birthday Lilac and Lemon Lilly
Cake Ref: LA/11
Birthday Cake - 90th birthday
Cake Ref: LA/10
Birthday Cake - 90th birthday Lilac Roses
Cake Ref: LA/9
Lilac and Silver Themed Sugar Flowers
Cake Ref: LA/8
Chocolate Basket Weave Cake
Cake Ref: LA/7
Roses and Forget-Me-Not Sugar Flower Spray
Cake Ref: LA/6
100th Birthday Cake
Cake Ref: LA/5
90th Birthday Cake with Licac Themed Sugar Flowers
Cake Ref: LA/4
Birthday Cake - Chocolate Roses
Cake Ref: LA/3
Butterfly and Sweet Peas for a 50th Birthday
Cake Ref: LA/2
Birthday Cake - Lilac and Lemon
Cake Ref: LA/1
Pink Heart Cake for a Mum
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