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Angie White

Helen has made two beautiful cakes for two very special occasions for me, and she is currently in receipt of cake number 3 for a 60th! Both cakes were absolutely amazing, hence my return. The first was a stunning classic birthday cake for my sister, the second was a full English Breakfast theme in 3D, and it was absolutely spectacular!!! Everyone was amazed at how well Helen portrayed a full English breakfast on to a cake!!!! My order for cake number 3 is a Downton Abbey themed one for my sister's 60th birthday, I trust Helen so much that I have just asked her to do what she thinks and I just cannot wait to see it. This lady isn't just a cake lady, she is someone who has an amazing talent. Would thoroughly recommend her, thank you Helen.

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Cake Ref: CH/33
Two-tier 2nd Birthday Cake. In the Night Garden.
Cake Ref: CH/32
Peppa Pig and George Cake
Cake Ref: CH/31
Peppa Pig two-tier Cake - with Biscuits!
Cake Ref: CH/30
Third Birthday Cake with Butterflies
Cake Ref: CH/29
Little Princess Cake
Cake Ref: CH/28
Disneys Cinderella Princess Castle Cake. A two-tier Sponge Cake using a shop bought Cinderella figurine.
Cake Ref: CH/27
Cinderellas Castle. Based on the Castle at Disney World resort in Florida.
Cake Ref: CH/26
Princess Castle Cake. A simplified version of the Disney Cinderella Castle Cake.
Cake Ref: CH/25
Small two-tier Castle Cake
Cake Ref: CH/24
Charlie and Lola with Pink Roses
Cake Ref: CH/23
Charlie and Lola 'This is actually...'
Cake Ref: CH/22
Cake Ref: CH/21
BRATZ Cake, with hand-painted figures.
Cake Ref: CH/20
Number Jacks Number 4 Cake
Cake Ref: CH/19
Boys 6th Birthday Cake with Stars
Cake Ref: CH/18
Dalek, for a Doctor Who fan.
Cake Ref: CH/17
Girls Make-Up Bag
Cake Ref: CH/16
Forever Friends Bears sitting on Sofa.
Cake Ref: CH/15
Star and Teddy Bear Cake
Cake Ref: CH/14
Dinosaur Cake
Cake Ref: CH/13
3D Dinosaur Cake
Cake Ref: CH/12
Scooby Doo Cake - especially for chocolate lovers!
Cake Ref: CH/11
Thomas The Tank Engine 3D Cake
Cake Ref: CH/10
Fireman Sam 3D Cake
Cake Ref: CH/9
Disney's Aerial
Cake Ref: CH/8
Disneys The Little Mermaid
Cake Ref: CH/7
3D Winnie The Pooh Bear, holding a Honey Pot
Cake Ref: CH/6
The Bear in the Big Blue House. 3D cake based on the childrens TV programme.
Cake Ref: CH/5
The Lion King. Hand painted design
Cake Ref: CH/4
Noddy Figurines
Cake Ref: CH/3
Teletubbies Cake
Cake Ref: CH/2
Tweenies Cake
Cake Ref: CH/1
Fimbles Cake
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